About Us


Our Sunday services are held at 10:15 am. We are located on the corner of 234th and 56th in Mountlake Terrace and have now resumed in-person worship (following safety protocols).  We are also continuing to offer online options via Zoom.  To receive the link to join us remotely, contact Judy in our office.
Wheelchair accessibility is available by the downstairs door and the elevator.

Bible Study

Sue Rasmussen is suspending her Bible Study on Mondays during January but anticipates resuming it in February.


To proclaim, celebrate, and share the love of Christ with our neighbors through an accepting, caring community.


1951 – the new community of Mountlake Terrace was forming. As people held meetings of prayer and Bible study in their homes, the Lutheran Free Church sent a mission worker to meet with people wanting to form a congregation. Sunday School services began in the fall. A local developer donated two lots on 56th Avenue West, and construction of our church began. In the still incomplete but high soaring building, 37 worshippers gathered for their first morning worship on Christmas, 1951. They called their church Bethesda, which literally means “House of Healing”. Bethesda was formally organized on March 1, 1953.


Bright! Our little congregation is experiencing fresh energy and a resurgence of vision.  We have members who have decades of membership, and we have members who are fairly new to Christianity. Bethesda is committed to ensuring that Good News emanates from this place.  God is doing something here!  We are located in the heart of Mountlake Terrace, and we are here for good! New neighbors are checking us out, and we invite you to join the fun.

Pandemic Silver Linings

As horrible as this Covid-19 pandemic was, God has used it to propel Bethesda into a more technologically conversant way of doing ministry.  We are grateful to God for providing the resources to upgrade our sanctuary’s sound and video systems.  Generous members have poured their time, talents, and financial resources into our worship space.  We have been worshipping via Zoom since March 2020 and have no intention of stopping!  We now have the capability of livestreaming our services from the sanctuary, and every week we’re getting better at it.  We are glad to welcome worshippers from all over the country and from just around the corner.  Folks who can’t get here physically only need a little bit of technological help to reconnect to this caring community of faith.  If you need help, let’s see how we can get you hooked up.  You can also look up archived services on YouTube (check out this service from November 28, 2021)