Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine and Eastern Europe: How Can We Help?

Many organizations are making initiatives in support of the Ukrainian people impacted by the Russian invasion that began on February 24.  Here are a few from within the Lutheran faith community:

Lutheran Disaster Response is working with local churches in the region as well as Lutheran World Federation and Church World Service to help meet refugees’ immediate needs, such as food, water, blankets, and hygiene kits.  You can donate to this effort on the ELCA website here.

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is offering five daily prayer and meditation prompts delivered to your email inbox on the theme of Solidarity with Ukraine.  You can also sign their petition the the Biden administration to take several measures in support of Ukrainian people, including humanitarian assistance in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and visa-related assistance for Ukrainians currently in the US, to prevent them from being forced to return to Ukraine at this time.

Lutheran World Relief is working with local organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries to provide food, water, shelter, and medical supplies.  You can make a donation to support their work here.